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Vivo IPL 2020 Live Stream

Indian Premier League a.k.a. IPL is one of the most popular and successful sports tournaments in the world. In the world of cricket, the Indian Premier League is the most followed club cricket tournament. Every year, millions of cricket fans from around the world look to enjoy Vivo IPL live stream.

The Twenty20 form of cricket is by far the most popular professional cricket forms in the world. The attacking play you get to see in twenty20 forms is just too hard to miss for any cricket freak around. As a twenty20 cricket league, IPL garnered a huge fan base in just a few years’ time. Founded in 2008, IPL has huge followers in countries like India, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and many others. This professional cricket tournament is played annually and is generally played in the month of March or April.

IPL 2020 free streaming

Known as Vivo IPL for title sponsorship reasons, IPL is contested every year in the home country, India. The original schedule for the Vivo IPL 2020 was May 2020 originally. And the opening fixture of the tournament was supposed to be Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings.

Unfortunately, the outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis forced the organizers to cancel the event for the time being. It was first suspended until April 15, but after India went into strict lockdown on April 14, the BBCI had to suspend the event indefinitely.

Later on August 2, BCCI revealed that the tournament will commence in September. And this year, the tournament will take place in the United Arab Emirates. So, cricket fans get ready to enjoy the biggest sporting event of India this September onwards.

IPL 2020 Start Date

The Vivo IPL live stream will commence in the third week of September 2020. The opening game of the campaign takes place on Saturday 19 and the final will take place on Sunday, November 8. The 53 days long tournament will see 60 games in total. Prior to playoffs, each 8 IPL franchise will play 8 games.

Vivo IPL live stream
Vivo IPL live stream

10 fixtures are scheduled for the afternoon with start time schedule at 15:30 IST and the evening ones will kickoff at 19:30 IST.

How to watch Vivo IPL live stream in 2020?

The viewers of this championship are based in different parts of the world. While the involvement of some of the biggest names in cricket world makes it a center of attraction, there’s more to its popularity. The involvement of movie stars like Shah Rukh Khan and Preity Zinta makes things more interesting for the fans.

In 2019 alone, Vivio IPL reached a viewership count of 462 million on Star India. That means IPL lured a total of 462 million TV viewers in the host country, India alone. The stats clearly show IPL live stream has huge demand in India. Apart from TV streams, the cricket tournament is also shown live on digital media like Hotstar.

Can I watch IPL without ads?

Hotstar is a very popular streaming service as long as cricket is in talks. Well, the service is the biggest OTT platform in India. The streaming service has several perks to relate to its popularity. It is an economical service, offers both live TV shows/ movies and sports. Moreover, you can watch ad-free content using Hotstar.

Hotstar comes in two tiers; Hotstar Premium and Hotstar VIP. If you go for Hotstar Premium for a price of $4 per month or $20.05 per annum, you can access ad-free content. So, this way you can watch IPL without ads. For your knowledge, Hotstar VIP costs $5.33 per annum.

Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings live streaming

The most anticipated and exciting offering of IPL is MI vs CSK. Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings are the most successful IPL sides in the competition. The Indians have won four IPL titles, while the Kings have won three. With seven IPL titles in between these two sides, it is obvious for fans to get super excited for this fixture.

Just in, the official first schedule of IPL had MI vs CSK as the opening fixture of the game. The second schedule for the tournament is not public yet. It is likely that the organizers will put CSK vs MI as the opening tier of the campaign.

If you live in India, you can watch CSK vs MI on TV on Star Stars. Star Sports will televise all 60 IPL matches this year. As a matter of fact, the cable TV provider holds TV rights of the IPL until 2022. Moreover, Indian fans can also follow the match on their mobile phones/ PCs using Hotstar. Viewers from the UK and Ireland can watch all IPL games on TV on Sky Sports.

Stream all 60 Vivo IPL 2020 Fixtures on TV

As you all know Indian Premier League is the biggest club tournament from India, the TV rights of IPL will be very costly. Several media companies from around the world are in the line to grab the TV rights of the tournament worth millions of dollars. In India, both the TV and digital media rights are in the grasp of Star Sports.

Star Sports will cover the TV streaming of all IPL matches of this season. Well, not only in India, Star Sports is available for viewers living in the Indian subcontinent. So, if you live in Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, you will get to watch live cricket on TV using Star Sports. The cable TV provider offers IPL live streams in six different languages, English, Hindi, Telegu, Malayalam, Tamil, and Kannada.

If you are already a Star Sports subscriber, you can easily follow the games. If not, you can contact your cable TV provider to add a Star Sports subscription. The annual package of the cable TV network will cost you INR 399 i.e. US $5.33.

Watch IPL live on TV outside India

While Star Sports answers all the IPL needs of viewers from the Indian subcontinent, others have to look for different cable providers. IPL has several other TV broadcast partners outside India. If you live in the UK and love watching IPL, you have to subscribe to Sky Sports. Viewers from Ireland can also watch all 60 IPL games on TV on Sky Sports. Watching IPL live on TV using the TV network costs $38.67 per month.

Sky Sports has the TV rights of the IPL for a three-year time. Just like Star Sports, Sky Sports will end its multi-year deal with IPL in 2022. Until 2022, you guys will be able to watch cricket on Sky Sports.

KKR Vivo IPL 2020 live in the US

American viewers who love to enjoy IPL have to subscribe to Willow TV to follow the Vivo IPL live stream on TV. The cable TV provider holds TV rights to the sport in 2020 and will cover all 60 IPL games throughout the country. There will not be any blackout on Willow TV, so, regardless of where you live, you can use the network to follow IPL.

You can follow any single team fixture like Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) on Willow TV.

If you are not willing to follow the Vivio IPL 2020 live stream on TV, you can also watch in on your mobile phones. As streaming cricket on mobile will offer you mobility unlike TV, it will be easy for you this way.

How to watch IPL live on mobile?

IPL games will not be shown on streaming sites like Sling TV or fuboTV that are home to some major pro sports in the US. Instead, American cricket fans can use Hotstar. Hotstar is a popular Indian OTTP service. Now, it is also available in the US. So, you can watch IPL live online on mobile using Hotstar.

The streaming service is compatible with almost all Android and iOS devices. So, you can use this service to watch cricket on almost every device you have. Interested in using this service, here’s how to get it.

If you use smartphones, you will get it from Google Play Store. iPhone users can download it from the App Store. If you are a PC or window user, you will find the app on the official website of Hotstar.

Watch Mumbai Indians Vivo IPL 2020 live on Fox Sports

Fox Sports is a leading TV broadcaster in the world and home to several pro sports events from around the world. The media house also holds TV rights of the Twenty20 cricket league. So, if you live in Australi, you will be able to follow Mumbai Indians live stream on TV using the pay-TV service. IPL will be televised on the Fox Cricket channel.

Australia is one of the leading nations in cricket. Australia has produced some world-class cricketers over the years like Michael Clarke, Matthew Hayden, Steve Waugh. Moreover, several Australian cricketers play in the tournament. Obviously, IPL has a lot of fans in the country.

Australian fans can also watch live cricket on their mobile or tablets using Kay Sports. You guys can watch cricket online using Kay Sports.

List of International TV broadcasters of the Vivo IPL 2020

Here is a list of the international TV broadcasters of the Vivo IPL 2020.

TV Broadcast Partner  Country
 United States  Willow TV
 United Kingdom  Sky Sports
 Australia  Fox Sports
 Sri Lanka  SLRC
 Nepal  Star Sports
 South Africa  SuperSport
 Canada  Willow TV
 Bangladesh  Channel 9
 Pakistan  Geo Super
 Caribbean  Flow Sports
 The Middle East & North Africa Countries  beIN Sports


If the government of Pakistan is to overturn the ban from IPL in the country, viewers can follow cricket on Geo Super.

Streaming sporting events like IPL on TV can be boring for some viewers. After all, this option does not provide you mobility at all. And some might find it inconvenient to stick at the same place while enjoying the games. Well, if you are worried, you can enjoy IPL live with full mobility.

If you use a streaming platform like Hotstar or Yupp TV, you can follow cricket while traveling or going to the office. Just enjoy it the way it best suits you.

How to access IPL 2020 Mobile Streaming?

With all the tech advancements around us, we are able to use digital accessories to the fullest of your heart’s content. Enjoying IPL live online on mobile could be so relaxing for many cricket fans from around the world. With some effective charges, cricket enthusiasts will be able to follow the Vivo IPL live stream in HD quality.

Indian fans can enjoy their biggest sporting event on mobile using Hotstar. Hotstar has been home to the tournament in the home country for some years now. And it will look to provide the service to Indians for more years to come. The top OTT service from India is owned and managed by Star India.

Today, the Indian streaming service is available in three other countries like the US, the UK, and Canada. In Canada, it is known as Hotstar Canada. Besides, Hotstar, the digital partners of IPL are beIN CONNECT, Foxtel Now, and Yupp TV.

How to watch RCB live in HD quality?

Outside India, IPL live is available with a few limited streaming services. Viewers living in Sub Saharan Africa have to subscribe to SuperSport to watch cricket online. Likewise, viewers from the Middle East have beIN CONNECT. If you are from the Caribbean, you can use the Sports app to watch IPL on mobile/ PC.

Yupp TV also offers HD streams of IPL online. Yupp TV is one of the widest streaming services out there in the market. The service has its reach to 60 countries including Austria, Belgium, France, Denmark, Iceland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, and others. Viewers from the smallest country in the world, Vatican City can also use Yupp TV to watch live IPL games.

List of Streaming Platforms to watch IPL in 2020

  • United States – Hotstar
  • Canda – Hotstar Canada
  • United Kingdom – Hotstar/ Sky Go app
  • Caribbean – Sports app
  • Australia – Foxtel Go/ Yupp TV
  • New Zealand – Sky Go/ Fan Pass NZ
  • Europe/ South East Asia/ South America – Yupp TV
  • Middle East – beIN CONNECT
  • Sub Saharan Africa – SuperSport App

How to watch IPL for free in 2020?

IPL is a huge money magnet for its organizers and association. The cricket league has a huge revenue. And a major part of its earnings comes from streaming rights. So, it is not shown on any free-to-air TV channel. So, is there a way to access IPL for free?

Every sports enthusiast has wondered about free streaming every now and then. There is not a subreddit of IPL to watch free IPL. But, you can use streaming services like Hotstar or Foxtel Now to watch free cricket. Those services offer a trial period to its new users that will not cost a single penny.

If you use Hotstar Premium, you can get a month trial period. That means you can watch any IPL match for free of cost for a month using Hotstar Premium. Meanwhile, Foxtel Now offers 10 days of the free trial period. Once the trial period is over, you have to pay the charges. So, if you don’t want to continue just make sure to cancel the subscription.