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Mumbai Indians Live Stream

Fans can enjoy Mumbai Indians live stream from anywhere they want to. Also, you guys can watch IPL live games on TV and mobile as well. Mumbai Indians is one of the supremely decorated professional cricket franchises in the world. The Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise has millions of fans across several countries. The club has a large fan following in countries like India, Australia, England. Those are the countries where cricket is followed by deep passion.

With the widespread crisis of the COVID-19, IPL 2020 that was supposed to take place in March was canceled. This lead many cricket fans in conflict. Luckily, the organizers have changed the dates to September this year. So, crickets fans get ready for the biggest cricket tournament of the year.

Vivo IPL 2020 to be held in the UAE

Indian is one of the major countries with a huge number of COVID-19 cases. So, organizers have agreed on terms with the government of the United Arab Emirates to organize this year’s Vivo IPL there. IPL is one of the most marketable and profitable sports tournament in the world. With a number of sponsors and investors involved simply canceling the tournament has affected a lot of parties.

To make an easy way for everyone, the organizers are going to held the Vivo 2020 IPL in the United Arab Emirates this time. All 60 IPL games will be concluded in the UAE over the window of 51 days. The games will be played at several stadiums throughout the country.

This year’s IPL which is the 13th edition of the tournament will begin on Saturday, September 19. The final will be played on Sunday, November 8.

Mumbai Indian 2020 IPL live

The 2020 IPL season will be the 13th season for Mumbai Indians in the competition. This year as well, the team will be lead by captain Rohit Sharma. The club is one of the eight IPL franchises to take place in the Vivo IPL 2020. Mumbai Indians heads to the campaign as the defending champions with Mahela Jayawardene as its head coach.

Mumbai Indians have won 4 IPL titles and 2 Champions League Twenty20. Obviously, the club is one of the most successful sides in IPL. Their fan following goes beyond the home crowd. Mumbai Indians have a huge fan following in countries like England, Australia, Nepal. This season, too, millions of cricket fans will tune to their TV screens to watch the club play in IPL.

Mumbai Indians live stream
Mumbai Indians live stream

Well, if you are one such fan, here’s what you need to enjoy Mumbai Indians games live from the Vivo IPL 2020.

Before we cut to the chase, you can enjoy the games both on TV and mobile. Both ways, you will get to watch the games in stunning HD quality.

How can I watch Mumbai Indians live from home?

IPL is one of the biggest club cricket tournament in the world. The fanbase of this event is scattered in every nook and corner of the world. In 2019, IPL garnered a total viewership of 462 million from around the world. And the TV watch time of 2019 IPL was 338 billion minutes. It is obvious that the 13th edition of the tournament will attract an unimaginable crowd both on TV and digital platforms.

When it comes to streaming a professional sporting event live from home, there will always be two options to chose from. Either you can use paid TV networks to watch the games on your TV screens. Or, you can use paid streaming services like Foxtel Now/ Hotstar to watch the games online. In both cases, you have to spend some considerable sum of money. So, if you think you are ready to shake your savings a bit, we better get started.

Stream Mumbai Indians live on TV

The majority of fans enjoy IPL on their big screens i.e. TV screens. There are a number of TV broadcast partners of Vivo IPL that cover the live games on TV across seven continents. Speaking of TV broadcast partners of we have got to mention the home broadcast partners. If you live in Indian and wish to follow the 2020 IPL tournament on TV you need a subscription fo Star Sports. Star Sports is a paid satellite cable TV network and you have to spend $3.9 per month on the TV network.

Star Sports will cover the live streaming of Mumbai Indians live games this year thought the country. You can follow the games in stunning HD quality on the network. The TV network will cover all 60 games through Star Sports 1 HD, Star Sports 2 HD, Star Sports 3 HD, and Star Sports 4 HD.

There is a wide variety of languages in India. So, viewers can watch IPL games in 9 different languages through Star Sports. Star Sports is only available in India, so viewers living in other parts of the world have to use other TV networks.

Can I stream Mumbai Indians live on TV outside India?

Mumbai Indians have a huge fan base both in and outside India. So, simply answering the TV streaming needs of Indian viewers will never be enough. To reach out to the global fans of the sport, IPL has handed the TV rights to a number of outdoor TV broadcasting companies like Sky Sports, beIN Sports, Fox Sports, and others. If you are ready to pay for the subscription of a TV broadcast partner of IPL like these, you can watch IPL games on TV outside India.

If you live in Australia, you can watch the games live on Fox Sports.  Fox Sports is paid cable TV service and home to some major sporting events in Australia. This year, one of the highly celebrated and decorated Indian Twenty20 cricket tournaments will be shown live on TV on Fox network in Australia.

Likewise, viewers living in the United Kingdom and Ireland can follow live IPL games on TV using the paid TV service Sky Sports. If you are already a Sky Sports subscriber, it will be easy for you to follow the games when IPL kicks off on September 19. If you haven’t subscribed to the network, you can contact your cable TV provider to add Sky Sports channel on your cable TV bundle. A monthly pass of the network will cost you £30.00.

Stream Mumbai Indians live on TV in Asia

Star Sports which hold both the TV and digital broadcasting rights of IPL will cover the Indian Subcontinent part. For viewers living in other parts of Asia, they can tune to Yupp TV. Viewers can also use Yupp TV as a streaming service like Hotstar. The cable TV service is a paid network, so viewers have to spend a designated sum of money to access the monthly pass of Yupp TV.

This time, IPL will be played in the United Arab Emirates. And the Twenty20 cricket tournament has a lot of fans in the host country as well. Any cricket fan living in UAE can use paid TV service beIN Sports to watch Mumbai Indians live games there. beIN Sports will also broadcast cricket live across 24 countries in MENA (the Middle East and North Africa).

Below is the complete list of TV broadcast partners of the Vivo IPL 2020.

  • India/ Indian Subcontinent – Star Sports
  • Australia – Fox Sports
  • South Africa – SuperSport
  • United States – Willow TV
  • United Kingdom/ Ireland – Sky Sports
  • Caribbean – Flow Sports
  • MENA – beIN Sports
  • Malaysia – Astro
  • Singapore – Singtel
  • Sri Lanka – Carlton Sports Network
  • Bangladesh – Channel 9

For viewers looking to skip TV streaming, you can use streaming platforms like Hotstar to watch the games online on your mobile phones.

How can I access the Mumbai Indians’ mobile streaming?

BCCI allows the live streaming of IPL both on TV and mobile. So, fans can also enjoy cricket live online on their mobile phones. For this, your guys are going to need an authentic digital partner of BCCI. In India, the digital rights of IPL are secured by Hotstar. So, Indians fans can use the paid web service to watch Mumbai Indians live on mobile. You can buy a Hotstar Premium monthly package for $4. It also comes in a yearly tier that costs $20.05.

Viewers can also opt for Hotstar VIP pass that costs only $5.33 per annum. If you use Hotstar Premium, you can access commercial-free IPL streaming. Today, the streaming service is available in Canda, the UK, and the US. So, viewers from those regions can also use the Hotstar app to watch live cricket on Emilie or PCs.

Here is the list of digital partners of IPL with which you can follow live cricket on your mobile phones.

  • India – Hotstar (available on Airtel and JioTV)
  • Canda – Hotstar Canada
  • United States – Hotstar
  • United Kingdom – Hotstar/ Sky Go app
  • Caribbean – Sports app
  • Australia – Foxtel Go/ Yupp TV
  • New Zealand – Sky Go/ Fan Pass NZ
  • Europe/ South East Asia/ South America – Yupp TV
  • Middle East – beIN CONNECT
  • Sub Saharan Africa – SuperSport App

IPL will not be shown live online in Afghanistan.

Can I access IPL live for free in India?

Indian Premier League is one of the fastest-growing professional sports in terms of popularity and earnings. If we speak of the home country, IPL is by far the biggest sporting event for Indians after the cricket world cup. The event is enjoyed by millions in India alone and it will be quite a shame for the organizers if they couldn’t cash in all the viewership. But, being the home fans, BCCI has made arrangement for Indian viewers to somehow watch IPL for free of cost.

If you live in Indian, there are a few conditions to the free streaming of IPL. Either you have to be an Airtel TV user or Jio TV user, and you need Hotstar in both the cases. First have to log in to your Airtel app which will redirect you to the Hotstar service where you can stream the games. This will not cost you any money and you can enjoy the Mumbai Indians live stream for free. This service is strictly for only Airtel app users. Likewise, the same goes for the Jio app.

To watch free cricket as a Jio user, you first have to be a Jio Prime user. The rest is the same as with Airtel. Login to your Prime Jio app, it will then redirect you to Hotstar.

To use Jio and Airtel app for free IPL streaming, you need a Hotstar app in both cases. Both, it’s not like you need to subscribe to Hotstar first. All you have to do is, open your Jio or Airtel app which will redirect you to Hotstar. This way, you can watch cricket for free without registering for Hotstar.

Reddit IPL 2020 Streams

While Indian viewers can use free cricket with Airtel and Jio app, this means is not applicable for viewers living outside India. Even viewers living in the Indian subcontinent cannot access free IPL with this method. This is because Airtel and Jio service is only available within India. If there were any Reddit streams for IPL, it would have been a great thing for those who are looking to stream cricket for free outside India. So, is there?

Unfortunately, the subreddit for IPL is designed yet. Moreover, there is not a proper Reddit to cover other professional cricket events like the World Cup and other Twenty20 tournaments. So, we have to be sorry to all the cricket fans from around the world who are looking for Reddit to watch free IPL this year.

Back in the days, there wasn’t even a concept of Reddit. But, now, we have Reddit to access free football, free basketball, free baseball, and others. In time we might just get to use Reddit for IPL as well.

Can I watch Mumbai Indians live without ads?

Any cord cutter will agree with the idea of completely nullifying the concept of ads. How utterly frustrating the ads can be! There are one or two ways to avoid ads if you are watching live IPL games on streaming platforms like Hotstar. Before we get into the matter, we wanna tell you this, if you are watching the live cricket games on TV, it is impossible to get rid of commercials. After all, commercials are one of the major sources of earnings of TV networks.

But, for cord-cutters, this situation can be improved. If you want to access ad-free cricket online, you don’t have to do much but have to spend some extra money than you do while buying the basic package of a streaming site. There are some streaming websites like Crackle that give access to commercial-free content.

Likewise, a cricket fan can use Hotstar to watch commercial-free cricket. If you have a Hotstar Premium pass that comes for a cost of $4 per month ($20.05 per year) you can watch Mumbai Indias live without ads.

How can I watch IPL live in HD quality

A sports enthusiast or we could say a cord-cutter would never be at peace if he/she has to settle for any less than HD streaming. Even if you follow sports like cricket barely, while you are doing you would want to watch the games in high resolution, don’t you? Just think of those viewers who regularly follow it. Cord cutters always want to stream sports or live shows in HD. For such dedicated viewers, we wanna share some insights.

If you want to follow IPL live in HD quality on streaming platforms like Foxtel Now or Yupp TV, all you need to do is have a paid subscription and a proper internet connection. The video quality of your streaming is directly connected with the kind of internet connection you have. If you have a strong internet connection, you can watch cricket in good video quality. So, always make sure to have a strong internet connection beforehand you seek IPL live.

Well, if you are using paid TV networks like Fox Sports or Star Sports, you don’t need to do a single thing to access the HD streaming of IPL. All the TV broadcast of IPL are in high resolution.

Mumbai Indians 2020 Roster

Mumbai Indians played big time at the 2020 IPL auction. The club entered the action with a total purse of INR 13.05 crores i.e. total to the sum of US $1.7 million. The four-times IPL champions took in Australian batsman Chris Lynn. Lynn was released by Kolkata Knight Riders in 2019. The franchise also bought Australia cricketer Nathan Coulter-Nile.

The Indians released 10 players and retained 15 players this season.

Here is the complete list of players the club released, retained, and bought fro the Vivo IPL 2020.

  • Retained players: Rohit Sharma, Jasprit Bumrah, Krunal Pandya, Hardik Pandya, Ishan Kishan, Surya Kumar Yadav, Anmolpreet Singh, Jayant Yadav, Aditya Tare, Kieron Pollard, Anukul Roy, Quinton de Kock, Lasith Malinga, Mitchell McClenaghan, Rahul Chahar.
  • Released players: Evin Lewis,Jason Behrendorff, Beuran Hendricks, Adam Milne, Ben Cutting, Yuvraj Singh, Barinder Sran, Pankaj Jaswal, Alzarri Joseph, Rasikh Salam.
  • Players bought: Chris Lynn, Prince Balwant Rai Singh, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Saurabh Tiwary, Mohsin Khan, Digvijay Deshmukh.
Mumbai Indians 2020 Roster
Mumbai Indians 2020 Roster

Again, Mumbai Indians will be led into the IPL by captain Rohit Sharma. Rohit Sharam is the most successful captain in IPL with a total of 5 IPL titles wins. The 33-year old Indian batsman has been a great talent to watch. He is always a top Mumbai Indians player on the club’s watch list.